TVC believes in a “24-hour church.” We don’t physically keep our church doors open, but we do believe that we should retain the spirit, energy, and enthusiasm the Holy Spirit gives us when corporately praising God. We have extended this concept to the web, and we strive to make our website user-friendly and universally available. While accessibility is not 100%, we have put forth our greatest efforts to achieve an accessible website.

To enhance the user experience, we have implemented Javascript through the TVC website. This, however, is not a required element to enjoy the TVC website, and it is possible to have a similar web experience on machines and browsers not utilizing Javascript.

Where feasible and applicable, we have noted abbreviations, both common and obscure, and defined them using the title HTML attribute. In pages where abbreviations and acronyms are continuously used, we define the first instance of the abbreviation or acronym only.

This site was built with the future in mind, and is validated against the HTML5 Doctype. While HTML5 is still under development, we’ve decided to use HTML5 as our markup language because of its proposed degradation feature, which will allow the TVC website to scale back on web browsers that have not adopted HTML5, and because of the anticipated increase of audio and visual presentations.

This site was validated against CSS2, and we are planning to implement CSS3 when necessary.

Links will typically open up in new windows if the link is external (“outbound”) and would send you away from the TVC website. Some links will create Javascript popups more commonly known as “lightboxes” when determined that Javascript would make a page layout less distracting and more effective. These links are typically found on pages linking to a map of our locations, but is not limited to this implementation.

We have also listed various methods to contact True Vision Church, so that you may choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with.