Mimes Our mission is to enable people to enter into an atmosphere of worshipping the Lord by providing uplifting praise music in order to help people break into new dimensions of worship. We understand that praise and worship has taken on a new face with this present generation of believers. New ways of telling and teaching the gospel message have arrived and we seek to do this through various choirs, liturgical dance teams and drama.

The True Vision Magnification Ministry currently includes our Sanctuary Choir, Combined Choir (NE & NW Campuses), Women’s Choir (NE only), Male Chorus (NE only), Youth Choir (ages 12-18) and the W.O.W. (Warriors of Worship) Choir (ages 3-11). It is the purpose of this ministry to serve the congregation and community through a diverse repertoire in each of these groups. To present music that will minister to the soul by exciting, soothing, convicting, confronting, and convincing persons to walk with God. Our magnification ministry includes Praise Team Singers, a select group of choir members, that lead in corporate praise and worship to encourage the involvement of all worshipers in attendance.