Is it possible to have a growing, happy marriage — yes. In fact, it’s God’s plan. So whether you’re experiencing marital blahs or marital bliss, even the pre-marital jitters, consider joining our One Flesh Ministry.

Wedding ring One Flesh is our couples’s ministry; it caters to newlyweds, engaged and married couples. Our ministry provides an opportunity for couples to cultivate together and enrich each other by offering inspirational skill-building information that reflect the heart of Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s in a casual setting at the comfort of a home or if it’s out at a restaurant, through our ministry fellowships, you will learn more about yourself and your marriage-and about making your marriage all it was meant to be!

Scheduled Meetings

The One Flesh Ministry usually meet on a monthly basis at various locations. Meetings generally take place the third Friday of each month. Meeting times and locations may vary due to special events that take place throughout the year and at times we may want to take advantage of community social functions.

Meetings and events held by the One Flesh Ministry will be posted in the Sunday morning worship guide along with other forms of communication to keep you abreast of current events.