Our Women’s Ministry is not your typical “churchy” ministry. We’re not about “having it all together” or acting like we do. Don’t feel like you have to “fit in” or know all the answers, because the reality is, we care more about who you are and where you’re going more than what you know or where you’ve been.

We believe that every woman has a purpose. Single, married, young or old, our Women’s Ministry, is designed especially for women to help them find that purpose. Whether it’s through the hearing of God’s word, fellowshipping with other sisters in Christ or ministry outreach in the community, we believe that you will find your place and purpose.

Our Women’s Ministry is simply this: a building block to a better you.

Scheduled Meetings

The Women’s Ministry usually meet on a monthly basis at each campus. NE Campus meetings generally fall on the first Monday of each month and the NW Campus meetings generally fall on the second Monday of each month. At times, the meetings may be held at different locations depending on the ministry event taking place.

Just like the location, the dates are subject to change. Meetings and events held by the Women’s Ministry will be posted in the Sunday morning worship guide along with other forms of communication to keep you abreast of current events.

Check us out on Sunday mornings at our Women’s Sunday School class. Too often, we think back as a kid how boring it was to be in Sunday School, but times have changed! We have teachers that are genuine and they deal with real-life struggles and real-life celebrations.

The study times are listed below.

Sunday School study times below.

TVC NE Campus Women’s Sunday School
9:45AM, Sunday Mornings
TVC NW Campus Women’s Sunday School
11:25AM, Sunday Mornings