NEXT VHV Meeting: TVC NE on February 15 at 7PM


Who is Veterans helping Veterans (VHV)?

Veterans helping veterans is a Ministry, founded at true Vision Church, that brings veterans within the surrounding communities together for Fellowship to collaborate and share information on Veteran Affairs, claims and benefits. This ministry assists in providing meaningful insight about underutilized resources made available by the Department of Veterans Affairs to our country’s veterans.

What does the VHV do?

Along with collaborative information shared during the fellowship, guests from different agencies of the Veterans Affairs Community will provide representations of the latest issues concerning veterans. VHV is not staffed with the Department of Veterans Affairs trained or certified Personnel therefore we do not advise veterans on how to file Veterans Affairs claims. Through Ministry we encourage our fellow veterans, provide information of where are some resources entitled to them can be obtained, and pray with them while they journey through their post military years.

When and where does VHV meet?

Veterans Helping Veterans typically meet every other month. However, due to the pandemic, we now meet on a scheduled basis. Our meetings are normally held on Thursdays at True Vision Church – Northeast Campus located at 2826 Ackerman Road, Kirby, Texas 78219. Our meetings begin promptly at  7 p.m. and end at 8 p.m.

This ministry is led by Deacon Anthony Grant. If you would like to receive notifications of upcoming meeting dates,  click the button below and we will add you to our subscriber list.

Tackling complex situations & seeing them through

Advocating for all Texas veterans, assisting with: VA Claims, Employment, Education, and VA Healthcare.

Commitment of support

Helping veterans and their dependents get connected with the resources, associations, and networks of support available to them.

Led by an experienced Veteran

Led by a Texas Veteran whose goal is to provide superior service to veterans to improve the quality of life for all Texas veterans, their families, and survivors.

Having trouble with your Veteran benefits? Veteran Helping Veterans can help!

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